When you are away over night, treat your dog to a fun-filled dog boarding vacation at Henderson Pet Resort.

Henderson Pet Resort is not your average dog boarding kennel but a luxurious suite based pet resort designed to keep our guests happy, healthy and safe while being cared-for by a professional and loving staff.
We offer spacious and comfortable overnight accommodations and a variety of activities to keep your dog active and engaged while you’re away.

Call us today at 702-847-5858 to schedule your pet’s fun-filled dog boarding stay!

Some highlights include:

Spacious, climate-controlled sleeping areas with a tempered glass-front door
Custom raised bed with cozy bedding
Daily nose-to-tail wellness checks
Food and water bowl
Daily housekeeping services
Around the clock staff on site
Luxury suites

And more!

From the moment you call us, we’ll take the time to learn everything we can about your four-legged family member so that we can help you customize a fun-filled dog boarding resort experience. You can choose from private or group playtimes, bedtime stories, individual pampering sessions, homemade gourmet treats, extra large suite upgrades, and more!


Discounted Activity Packages

We believe in the individuality of each pet and offer a variety of activities to help you customize your pet’s dog boarding vacation with us. We believe so strongly in the importance of activities that are customized based on the needs of each pet, that we have created discounted activity packages for you to choose from.

Customized 24-hour Care

Travel schedules get hectic and we understand when you are home, you want your pet with you. That’s why we’re proud to offer hours for drop off/pick up seven days a week from 6am-7pm.

Chauffeur Service

Also for your convenience, we provide chauffeur service to and from your doorstep.