It’s not always possible to stay home and play with your dog all day… Dog Daycare?

But with Henderson Pet Resort’s Dog Daycare service your canine can still burn energy while having a romping good time with their doggy buddies and with our professional pet care attendants, in our climate controlled play yards that are covered with antimicrobial K9Grass.

Why choose Henderson Pet Resort’s daycare for you pet?  Our off-leash play sessions offer a unique combination of playtime with other canines, individualized attention from our professional staff, and fun activities that are hand-selected just for you pet.  Rather than just putting your dog in a large group all day long, we will find out what he or she really loves and rotate their time with us among several activities tailored specifically for your dog!

We get to know each pet individually, in order to keep them safe and engaged by performing an initial assessment of your pets interests, personality and socialization level.  Henderson Pet Resort’s off-leash playgroups are focused on fun and the well-being of your dog.  Our pet care attendants are extensively trained in safe group play, and committed to understanding canine behavior and body language.  Our staff is also certified in pet first aid and CPR.  Most importantly we are committed to providing a day of fun and individualized care to your canine when they stay with us.  Your pet will be treated like one of the family!

We are proud of all the fun we have while maintaining our high daycare standards of keeping our pet guests safe, healthy and happy.   As members of The Dog Gurus, the best educational resource available for off-leash play, we have taken their Dog Play Safety Pledge as part of our commitment to keeping your canine safe and happy.

You and your dog will love the difference in our daycare playgroups where safety and fun is the measure of our success and every dog gets a program especially tailored to what he or she wants to do the most!

If your dog is not the social type, but you still want your dog to get out the house while you’re at work or play, then DayStay is the right option for you. Dogs are always eager to come back to Henderson Pet Resort, so we offer discounted rates available with Daycare Packages.  We invite you to come in for a tour of our resort.  Reservations are strongly recommended as we only have a limited number of suites and dens available for daycare dogs to get some much needed rest time between their play sessions.

Interactive and safe play groups
Certified, highly trained and engaging attendants
Tailored program to fit what your dog loves
Separate play areas according to size and personality
Air conditioning and heating

Fresh drinking water
Playground equipment, toys and games created for dogs
K9Grass play yard that is more gentle on paws and joints
Antimicrobial and high disinfection standards
Individualized personal care
Lunch (available upon request)

First time coming to Daycare? It’s easy!

Step 1: Call us or create your client account along with your dog’s information and reserve your pups first day from the reservations tab.

Step 2: Provide us with up to date vaccine recoreds. (You can upload them into your client account, bring them in or fax them prior to your reservation.)

Step 3: Your dog will be evaluated on their first visit for their interests, personality and ability to safely be in our daycare environment.  If they do not meet the Daycare requirements, they will enjoy our DayStay accommodations!


Don’t want to leave your puppy or senior dog home alone all day while you’re gone and they don’t qualify for a group Dog Daycare setting?  Let Henderson Pet Resort give them extra attention with DayStay!  Also perfect for Pet Parents who prefer their dog be kept away from group playtime activities and other Resort guests.  Your pet will enjoy our luxury accommodations with individualized attention to their needs and potty breaks.

Chauffeur Service available for pick up and/or drop off.