The Benefits of Regular Nail Trimming


Grooming Note


Can you hear the clicking sound of your dog’s nails on the tile floor?  If so, then it is time for a trim!

Some benefits to keeping your dog’s nails short include:

  • No pain while walking! When a long nail contacts the hard floor, it puts pressure on the nail, causing it to push back up into the nail bed, creating toe joint pressure or twisting the toe to the side.
  • Better body posture! Long nails cause a dog to shift his body posture, abnormally.
  • Less risk of snagging or breaking the nail into the “quick” or blood supply of the nail.
  • Less scratching of you or your friend’s skin when Fido jumps up to say Hi.

HPR has experienced groomers and counselors that can help keep your dog’s nails short and maintained.  Add on nail care next time you’re in, or call us up to bring your pup by for a nail service.  If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of regular nail trimming, click here to read more of this article.


dog nail trimming



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Pick-up and Drop-off

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