Dog Training Classes

At Henderson Pet Resort, we believe that dog training enhances the relationship between you and your dog.

We are committed to helping you achieve a happy and well-behaved dog. We utilize positive reward-based training, which is proven to produce happy dogs that are willing to learn new behaviors. We know your schedule is busy so we hope to make it as easy as possible with several training options to choose from.

Reactive Rover Training

Does your dog whine, bark, or lunge on leash around other dogs?  In this class, we will teach you why they do it, and how to systematically counter condition your dog’s reaction to being around other dogs on leash.
This class consists of two sessions:

First session is a 2 hour workshop without dogs utilizing education materials and hands on foundation exercises to begin building the skills for use outside.

Second session is a half hour private training with your dog arranged with the instructor within two weeks of the first session (location and time tbd with owner and trainer).

Price:  $125

Puppy Kindergarten

$130/5 weeks| Saturday @ 12pm| Open Enrollment (dogs up to 20 weeks old)

Introduction to all things puppy:  Topics include chewing, potty training guidance, bite inhibition, body handling, resource guarding prevention, simple commands (sit, down

Private Dog Training Lessons

$50/hour | Saturdays and Wednesdays

We’ll work toward your individual goals geared to your dogs’ needs. Problem solving, sit, down, stay, come, leave it and more… using tools given in class to apply to your dog’s specific concerns and to be used with consistency at home.

Train-n-Stay Programs

$40/session in addition to the daycare or lodging fee

While your dog is attending daycare or lodging with us, they will attend private one-on-one dog training  sessions with our certified trainer.  Your dog will work on a variety of behaviors including sit, down, come, stay, leave it and more.  The more often your dog participates in the Train-n-Stay programs, the further advanced he will become.

Tricks with Clicks

$130/ Five weeks | Sundays 2pm

This class uses variables of basic and intermediate obedience combined with clicker training to teach dogs and their owners some new tricks, providing mental stimulation and confidence building all while having tons of fun!


Fun + Agility = Fungility

Busy lifestyles can limit your dog to few opportunities of meaningful mental and physical activity. This lack of positive engagement can turn into behavioral problems and destructive tendencies. Our Fungility sessions offer enrichment that fulfill dogs needs through challenges, confidence building and skill development while being rewarded for their achievements.

Fungility is a wonderful addition for HPR dogs to participate in extra physical and mental stimulation as well extra fun and play. Whether your dog attends a Fungility session during their daycare/lodging time at HPR, or you and your dog come into the facility to learn & play together, you will notice a positive change from day one.

Check it out & sign up today!

Fungility session during daycare, or boarding stay: $20 / 30 minutes

Fungility private session with owner & trainer: $30 / 45 minutes


Chauffeur Service available for pick up and/or drop off.