So, What’s the Best Type of Brush for Your Dog’s Coat


Best Dog Brushes

For dogs with very short hair such as Mastiffs, Bulldogs, Boxers or Bassett hounds, the best dog brush is called a Rubber Curry. The Rubber Curry brush can be used during the bath or afterward for Desheding.


Dogs like Pugs, Labs, Huskies, Goldens or Shepherds, the best brushes to use are Slicker brushes or FURminator.   The thickness of coat determines how long the FURminator should be used for. If the dog has a lot of undercoat, a combination of the Slicker brush and FURminator can be used.


Dogs such as St. Bernard’s, Bernese Mountain dogs, Samoyed, Pyrenees or Newfoundland’s, the best brushes to use are Pin brushes or a Slicker brush. Pin brushes will cause the least amount of hair breakage. Slicker brushes will cause some breakage but it is more effective in removing the undercoat. It is also possible to use the FURminator on these coat types, but it does cause the most breakage. A combination of these tools also works.

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