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Henderson Pet Resort is a 24-hour staffed, Five Star Luxury Resort offering Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding, Dog Training, Grooming and Chauffeur. Henderson Pet Resort in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada.

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We understand that your pets are more than just pets, they’re family.

Activities Review

At Henderson Pet Resort, we recognize that all fur baby’s are unique.  We get to know your baby’s unique personality traits, behavior, and needs, to provide a fun-filled and customized day.  Our services include overnight lodging, suites with comfortable beds and TVs, classic doggie daycare of larger play groups, enrichment daycare of smaller play groups, one-on-one play for those that prefer human time, enrichment activities including themed parties, brain games, agility skills and treadmill sessions.  We also specialize in day school and boarding school dog training programs, full service grooming, basic bathing services and chauffeur service to your door.

What They Say About Us

  • Jessica S. AvatarJessica S.

    Both of our dogs love Henderson Pet Resort!! I feel so comfortable knowing that they are being loved on and getting enough attention while being in a super safe space!! - 7/03/2020 

    Monique B. AvatarMonique B.

    My Louie had so much fun today. I loved getting a little report card and pictures of his day. He was sad to leave his new pup friends and staff but he will def be back. The staff was super friendly and the place was decorated very nicely, it was... read more - 3/03/2021 

  • Lo S. AvatarLo S.

    5 star rating We took our 5 year old Golden for a bath & trim and they did amazing! They let me drop him off 30 minutes early, cuddled with him as soon as he walked in the door, and had him done and dry in 3 hours. They were friendly and listened... read more - 3/14/2021 

    Veronica G. AvatarVeronica G.

    Our puppy loves HPR! We take her there for daycare multiple days a week and she is always happy to arrive there. She comes home happily tired and reasonably clean. We were nervous to put in her on boarding for the first time but she was totally happy when we... read more - 3/10/2021 

  • Allie W. AvatarAllie W.

    Awesome place to bring fur children to! We have never been away from our pup unless for work, so we were nervous to leave him somewhere for an entire day. We brought him to Henderson Pet Resort and they were wonderful! They open at 6 am which is very helpful,... read more - 9/03/2020 

    Therese R. AvatarTherese R.

    5 star rating From the process of making a reservation all the way through Cuddles' check out and report card, Henderson Pet Resort really showed exceptional service! They make checking up on your pup so accessible and easy for those who get nervous about leaving their pets behind and for that I am... read more - 11/04/2019 

  • Jewell J. AvatarJewell J.

    I've been bringing my dog to Henderson Pet Resort for over a year and I absolutely LOVE this place!! They take such great care of my fur baby. My dog loses it as soon as we turn into the parking lot lol. He's so excited to go to doggy day... read more - 11/03/2020 

    John B. AvatarJohn B.

    I leftMy Siberian Husky for 4 days at the Pet Resort over the Christmas holiday.As usual they did an outstanding jobThe employees are just like the owner. Kind, gentle and lovers of animals. My dig has a wonderful time there.They all take pride in their job - 1/03/2021 

  • Victoria E. AvatarVictoria E.

    Henderson Pet Resort is amazing! We love taking our lab pup there to get some of his energy out. After a day at daycare we get a report card to see how he did, and we love seeing the photos of him playing with the other doggos and receive a... read more - 1/03/2021 

    Michael H. AvatarMichael H.

    Love this place! And so does our dog !! - 11/03/2020 

  • Warren W. AvatarWarren W.

    Great customer service. Answered all my question in a complete and professional manner. Staff is absolutely amazing. We will definitely be bridging our boy Vegas back and our lil girl Stiletto for her first time. We're so Super excited we found Henderson Pet Resort. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! - 12/03/2020 

    althea b. Avataralthea b.

    I love this place because my dog, Pa’ani loves being here during daycare and boarding. Everyone from check-in to check-out are all so friendly and cheerful whenever Pa’ani visits. Initially I was anxious about boarding my dog because of a really bad experience with another doggy daycare, but my fears... read more - 1/03/2021 

  • Marcia C. AvatarMarcia C.

    I truly feel like my dog is safe there. And that’s the most important thing. She is safe and happy - 3/13/2021 

    kim s. Avatarkim s.

    We hate leaving our dog when we travel, but HPR is the one place we feel 100% confident he’ll be safe and cared for. - 2/03/2021 

  • Hawley AvatarHawley

    Oh man this place is freaking phenomenal!! The staff is amazing with impeccable customer service! Kristen is so sweet and so peppy - just lovely to converse with. This place really cares about our little Human fur babies. I always feel safe and comfortable leaving my little monster here. She... read more - 5/03/2021 

    Rebecca G. AvatarRebecca G.

    I brought my chocolate lab here this weekend for a 2 night stay and couldn't be happier. I loved being able to watch my Max playing with the other dogs on the doggy cam. Everyone was very friendly and check in and check out was very easy. I already booked... read more - 2/01/2021 

  • Darlene N. AvatarDarlene N.

    5 star rating Took our bullmastiff puppy for trainning and puppy playtime. Great place friendly staff and Nathan excellent trainner - 10/17/2019 

    Diana T. AvatarDiana T.

    5 star rating I boarded my cat here while away for a long vacation which was about a week, I was completely comfortable leaving her there because I knew she was in good hands. I looked forward to my "Meow Mail" and was so happy to see pictures of her having fun and... read more - 6/09/2019 

  • Nicholas L. AvatarNicholas L.

    Henderson Pet Resort was great and exceeded expectations! They operate a very nice, clean facility and were very informative. They were professional and courteous and took great care of our dog while we were on vacation. - 3/20/2021 

    Pamela L. AvatarPamela L.

    Very accommodating of older pets and routines and medications... my puppies were happy and not stressed when i picked them up. Such a peace of mind! - 8/03/2020 

  • Debi M. AvatarDebi M.

    We brought our 1 year old Rott and our 13 year old Lab here for the first time. Our Lab is older and wasn’t up for much play time but our Rott, after she found her confidence quickly and had a blast. They were both exhausted when they got home... read more - 10/03/2020 

    Mike D. AvatarMike D.

    5 star rating Took my Wheaton Cinnamon there for the first time this week. She's on the shy side with other dogs. This place is magnificent! Very well run. Very caring. In a few days she came out of her shell and can't wait to go back. Recommend this... read more - 11/07/2019 

  • Jessica M. AvatarJessica M.

    5 star rating I felt confident our pup was taken care of here. There was no question left unanswered. They clarified on his food and bath the specifics I had written in his profile! The second time we took him here he went right back with ease/excitement. He'll be back & attached... read more - 9/03/2020 

    Sarah M. AvatarSarah M.

    My dog went for his first day of daycare. I was probably more nervous than he was. He didn't bark when we got there. He didn't even seem nervous. I watched him on the live webcam for a while. He looked a little lost for a while, but by the... read more - 4/20/2021 

  • Pamela S. AvatarPamela S.

    Our 2 GSD’s LOVE HPR and the excellent staff! They are regulars at daycare and have also enjoyed long-term boarding at HPR. At both boarding and daycare, they receive attention and appropriate exercise and “activities” provided by the most competent staff we have ever met. ... read more - 1/03/2021 

    Candace S. AvatarCandace S.

    Lola had a grooming appointment today. Great consultation prior to the groom. Excellent customer service and the cut was excellent! Would definitely recommend! - 3/03/2021 

  • Marjaana K. AvatarMarjaana K.

    5 star rating I have been taking my dog Zody to Henderson Pet Resort since he was a puppy for doggie daycare and boarding. He's 3.5 years old now. HPR is definitely a second home to us. The owner Leslie and all the staff (from the front desk staff, counselors, and other... read more - 3/19/2021 

    Daniela T. AvatarDaniela T.

    Our dog is quite loud and suffers from separation anxiety. Henderson Pet Resort took great care of our anxious girl for the day for an awesome price. We will definitely be sending our dog here in the future! - 11/03/2020 

  • Claudia G. AvatarClaudia G.

    Good place for my dog, he was at the hotel last weekend and it was very happy, he returned relax and calming - 7/03/2020 

    D W. AvatarD W.

    Thank you Charity. Harper’s cut is perfect. Hope he wasn’t too vocal. We know he can be.Winters.New post. 3/8 2021Thank you. Daddy and I love his cut. Harper does too. He has been feeling young and free. Thank you , Charity. Denise and Jim - 3/13/2021 

  • S. S. AvatarS. S.

    Fantastic place with a great staff who always, always takes care of our dog. Really good rates with several package options. Can't go wrong with HPR! - 11/03/2020 

    Timothy W. AvatarTimothy W.

    Never been here - 1/03/2021 

  • Quinn D. AvatarQuinn D.

    I love bringing Bear to Henderson pet Resort because I know she'll be well taken cared of. I also love the webcams! I get to watch her whenever I'm at work missing her. Highly recommended!!! - 3/20/2021 

    Rhianna M. AvatarRhianna M.

    We took our sweet Cane Corso to be boarded here for the first time over the weekend. We rescued him 5 months ago, and had only boarded him one other time somewhere else, so we were unsure how this time would go. (At the other place he tore up the... read more - 6/03/2020 

  • Katheryn C. AvatarKatheryn C.

    My new rescue puppy has a ton of energy, so I bring her to HPR for daycare three days a week. She gets to exercise and play with her friends and I get a well-behaved pup at home. Win-win! The staff is professional and friendly, and I can tell they... read more - 9/03/2020 

    O H. AvatarO H.

    5 star rating Absolutely love this place. The staff is great and take amazing care of our dogs. I love how we get a report and pics at the end of every stay. They always go above and beyond. - 6/20/2019 

  • Liz H. AvatarLiz H.

    4 star rating I just picked up my dog Lulu from her first grooming appt from Henderson Pet Resort. She looked adorable. Brooke did an awesome job. She clipped her exactly as we discussed. Usually she comes out traumatized from groomers but not this time. I... read more - 8/28/2019 

    Gabbie M. AvatarGabbie M.

    I brought my Lucy for boarding and grooming. I'm very happy with how they took care of my pup with boarding and daycare. I did 4/5 stars because I had them do bath and tidy for my dog and the groomer shaved soo close to her skin that my dog... read more - 8/03/2020 

  • Steve G. AvatarSteve G.

    5 star rating We have been bringing our puppy here since he was 3 months old (now 6), and we love the place. Our dog is big and plays with other large dogs. They have a separate area for small dogs and even an outdoor pool area. The staff is very nice and... read more - 11/05/2019 

    Ashlee F. AvatarAshlee F.

    We love Henderson Pet Resort! Our two dogs have been enjoying daycare here twice a week for almost 2 years now and we’ve never had any complaints. We also use their grooming services, boarding services, and training services. All of which are incredible.The staff is personable while still being professional!... read more - 6/02/2021 

  • Caroline M. AvatarCaroline M.

    We left our two kittens in the care of Henderson Pet Resort for 6 days and they seem to have had a great time. Henderson Pet Resort sent me an update on how the kittens were doing, with lovely pictures included, around their second day there. The pictures showed the... read more - 8/03/2020 

    Dawn W. AvatarDawn W.

    Took our 2 chihuahuas here to be groomed recently. Mike did an INCREDIBLE job with them!! Everyone was super friendly! We will most definitely be back! - 6/03/2020 

  • Katheryn C. AvatarKatheryn C.

    My new rescue puppy has a ton of energy, so I bring her to HPR for daycare three days a week. She gets to exercise and play with her friends and I get a well-behaved pup at home. Win-win! The staff is professional and friendly, and I can tell they... read more - 9/03/2020 

    Barb B. AvatarBarb B.

    I was wary bringing my dogs into the second phase of Covid but they were going crazy and I have 2 pekepoos that need to socialize. I was waiting for Petsmart to open their daycare but they stayed closed. Long story short my dogs have never been happier... read more - 2/03/2021 

  • Linda B. AvatarLinda B.

    McGee loves to go to Henderson Pet Resort. He gets to play with other dogs in a safe, clean, friendly place.You can tell the team all love your pet and work hard to ensure his time is fun and safe. - 1/03/2021 

    Vania P. AvatarVania P.

    My puppy really enjoys going here for daycare. Most of the front staff knows my dog by his name and greet him with such love and happiness. He’s ready to go to the back door and start playing. He plays in the small play area which is nice, sometimes I... read more - 8/03/2020 

  • Dee D. AvatarDee D.

    Both of my pups looked very cute when they came home, they put little bows in Milli's hair and gave Remmy a cute bow tie. I appreciate how professional and patient Charity was with both of my puppies. My boy pup is 6 months old and doesn't like strangers but... read more - 10/03/2020 

    mary a. Avatarmary a.

    Mike always does a great job with Harryboy, lobby and facilities are very clean. Everyone is personable and professional. - 1/03/2021 

  • Barbara C. AvatarBarbara C.

    Our fur baby loves play time at Day Care. HPR makes his stay fun and stimulating. The staff provides many enjoyable activities and treats. The only downside is that Astor never wants to leave his friends. - 11/03/2020 

    Beverly R. AvatarBeverly R.

    Our Holly loves to go to Henderson Pet Resort. She has learned positive socialization with other dogs. They great her with enthusiasm when she arrives snd keep us informed of her activities. - 2/03/2021 

  • Christine C. AvatarChristine C.

    Henderson Pet Resort is a wonderful place to engage and socialize your pets. I appreciate the fact that staff care and understand how to provide the best environment for puppies through elders. Our pets learn socialization and discipline while engaging in high energy puppy play. The play yards are thoughtfully... read more - 1/03/2021 

    Laurie J. AvatarLaurie J.

    I have a 15 year old Schnauzer who gets anxious these days while being groomed. He went in looking like a miniature Sheep Dog and when I picked him up he was definitely a Schnauzer - a beautiful at that. It was suggested next the vet should do the... read more - 7/03/2020 

  • Mina B. AvatarMina B.

    My pup was safe & happy while I was on vacation. I would totally recommend this place. Live streams & report cards were a great touch overall amazing place. - 11/03/2020 

    Philip N. AvatarPhilip N.

    Enjoyed the grooming they did on our dog - 8/03/2020 

  • Denis M. AvatarDenis M.

    5 star rating First time leaving my dog without family while out of town, and this place was great. The staff is nice and friendly, the facility was clean and kept, and every time I got on the webcam my dog was having a good time. Will definitely be using them again. - 8/11/2019 

    John M. AvatarJohn M.

    My four fur babies were treated with the utmost care and shown love and attention as though they belonged to members of the staff. The entire experience was so much more positive than I had anticipated. I would most assuredly use them again and would wholeheartedly recommend them to my friends. - 7/03/2020 

  • Somer A. AvatarSomer A.

    I brought my Malinois here for the first time at the recommendation of a friend. Being that Mali’s are a bit nuts, I’m afraid to leave her with a non professional. She was also still recovering from being spayed. When I picked her up she was in good spirits and... read more - 3/06/2021 

    Elly F. AvatarElly F.

    Banksie had a great first day and we were able to see her playing on the webcam. She was tired out when she came home. - 3/06/2021 

  • Linda H. AvatarLinda H.

    Our dog loves Henderson Pet Resort all of the people there are very professional,caring and loving. - 7/03/2020 

    Lauren S. AvatarLauren S.

    Henderson Pet Resort is fantastic! We had previously taken our husky to a different place for overnight stay and grooming, but now will only be going here! When we picked her up her grooming was done phenomenally, and she was in a very happy mood like she had the best... read more - 7/03/2020 

  • Donna R. AvatarDonna R.

    5 star rating I have boarded my French Bulldog, Coco, several times at Henderson Pet Resort. She loves it there! Also, she loves the grooming salon and the groomer, Diana. I can rest assured she will be treated with the best of care. She always acts excited and happy when she recognizes... read more - 8/16/2019 

    Leslie S. AvatarLeslie S.

    I felt very comfortable leaving my dog at this facility. I was unsure at first since it was my first time, but the cameras are amazing and when I picked my dog up I was impressed with the staff and the report card. I will be back soon to board... read more - 8/03/2020 

  • Dwana M. AvatarDwana M.

    We have used HPR for overnight stays for our sweet girl a few times, but today we took her for the first time for a grooming. Mike the groomer was so gentle and kind when he came out to get her, he got down on her level and made her... read more - 5/19/2021 

    Jackie P. AvatarJackie P.

    Our dog looked so handsome and smelled so good and the cut was perfect absolutely gorgeous and we loved his adorable bowtie the groomer placed around his neck💜 - 3/03/2021 

  • Lily M. AvatarLily M.

    I'm new to the area as well as being a new puppy mom and I was in search of a boarding facility that I could trust with my pup. I'm so glad I stumbled upon Henderson Pet Resort. Top notch facility and my little Ava had a great time.... read more - 9/03/2020 

    Sara L. AvatarSara L.

    We took our dog for the first time and I was very satisfied. Their services are customizable to suit not only your budget, but your dog's needs as well. I love how that their rooms are set up to feel like home. Our dog is sometimes reactive to other dogs... read more - 1/30/2021 

  • Tish A. AvatarTish A.

    We have been bringing our dog, Dudley, here for several years for doggy day care, overnight lodging and grooming. All services, staff interaction and communication has been 5 star! - 9/03/2020 

    Edie R. AvatarEdie R.

    Brandy stayed there for the first time for 5 nights and she had so much fun. I got pictures of her playing and being read to in a great environment. She also go a bath before coming home and she looked great. She’s going back for daycare... read more - 3/31/2021 

  • Erin C. AvatarErin C.

    5 star rating I HIGHLY recommend HPR. We just got home with our two golden retrievers after daycare/daystay and they are so happy and soooooo tired from a fun filled day. We needed somewhere for our dogs to go while doing some home renovations. We checked out multiple daycares around Las Vegas but... read more - 6/26/2020 

    Nathan L. AvatarNathan L.

    We just came in to Henderson 3 weeks ago from Hawaii and our household goods were to follow...we needed a place to sit or lodge the dogs while the mover put things together.In short this was an excellent option. Of course we worry about our babies...yet Pet Resort not... read more - 3/03/2021 

  • marlon m. Avatarmarlon m.

    Charity took care of grooming of our 2 white pooches. She paid attention to our details & made sure we were happy w the results. TY - 3/06/2021 

    Debbie G. AvatarDebbie G.

    5 star rating My aussies love visiting Henderson Pet Resort so much and I'm really glad I can take them to a safe and loving place for them to play. Prior to HPR, I had never taken my dogs to an open play doggie daycare, let alone a dog park, because I was... read more - 9/02/2019 

  • Danielle A. AvatarDanielle A.

    Great place! Very accommodating. The staff is so friendly. The facility is nice and clean! My pup came home smelling nice too! Scheduled a grooming for my dog there as well. Very professional and they know what they are doing! Will be using them again! - 6/09/2021 

    Anne H. AvatarAnne H.

    Extremely pleased with the very personal service my animals and I received during a recent 8-night stay. The video cameras are excellent, and they're a great way for me to see "the kids" while I'm travelling. I'm very pleased with the front desk, the staff, and Leslea, the owner. She's... read more - 10/03/2020 

  • Paul D. AvatarPaul D.

    Very cheerful and professional staff. Very clean facility. Looks like our dog had a good experience as well. We would use them again. - 9/03/2020 

    Shay i. AvatarShay i.

    My pup has gone twice and the pics they shared shows a very happy well-adjusted little guy enjoying his day. Thanks to the Henderson Pet Resort for giving my love a good day.Update: My boy loves Henderson Pet Resort. He's gone through training with Nathan who has worked... read more - 3/03/2021 

  • Darleen G. AvatarDarleen G.

    Great experience! - 3/03/2021 

    Debbie D. AvatarDebbie D.

    5 star rating The beautiful pet resort has a beautiful clean facility. So glad I found this place... - 4/18/2021 

  • Christopher AvatarChristopher

    HPR did an amazing job of caring for our little one. Bravo to the staff for taking such good care of Chase. - 11/03/2020 

    Delanie D. AvatarDelanie D.

    I needed to schedule a last minute stay for my cat Meatball after he was giving one of my friends a hard time at her place and Kristen (I think!) was super awesome about helping me get all my documents together and setting up an account from across the country!... read more - 8/03/2020 

  • Deanna AvatarDeanna

    Been taking my dog here for about three years. They are a bit on the pricey side, but when I pick up my dog she is always relaxed and happy. I will never take her to a Petsmart for overnight again, she would always come back needing to go potty... read more - 7/03/2020 

    Michele F. AvatarMichele F.

    This was my fur babies first visit to the HPR so I can write my review based only on today. Everyone was very sweet and kind. I was able to watch Winston on my phone which was huge for me. I admit I was a bit worried dropping him off,... read more - 2/03/2021 

  • Dayle W. AvatarDayle W.

    We are so glad we tried Henderson Pet Resort Cody loves his play days He is so excited to go to the resort I especially like the report card and photos to see who Cody has played with each time. I think the staff... read more - 4/10/2021 

    Mercedes T. AvatarMercedes T.

    We took our 5 month old vizsla puppy , Pappi in for his off leash assessment. Basically a day of him being observed in a controlled environment by the good folks of Henderson Pet Resort. When we arrived it was clean, calm and the lady that greeted us was kind... read more - 9/03/2020 

  • LaShonda G. AvatarLaShonda G.

    5 star rating My puppy didn't panic (lol)! I think Oreo's groomer's name was April. She was toooooo sweet and she made my baby boy look even cuter! Thank you so much! He'll be back! - 5/18/2019 

    Stephanie B. AvatarStephanie B.

    My dog, Oskar, LOVES going to daycare here! The facility and the team are absolutely wonderful. The experience feels very genuine and personal--I feel completely at ease leaving my little man with them for a long day of play. There are plenty of dogs that are well vetted for group... read more - 3/20/2021 

  • Richard D. AvatarRichard D.

    Leslie and her Team are just awesome ! My dogs are always excited to go to HPR. - 8/03/2020 

    Shan V. AvatarShan V.

    This is a truly great place to take your dog. They treat her like “family”. Flossy took the training classes with Nathan and she’s such a well mannered puppy. The ladies at the desk are so sweet and genuine. Professionally managed spot.The groomer in house... read more - 12/03/2020 

  • Shay i. AvatarShay i.

    My pup has gone twice and the pics they shared shows a very happy well-adjusted little guy enjoying his day. Thanks to the Henderson Pet Resort for giving my love a good day.
    Update: My boy loves Henderson Pet Resort. He's gone through training with Nathan who has worked...
    read more - 2/16/2021 

    Tabitha C. AvatarTabitha C.

    5 star rating I found this resort on Yelp when looking for a place to board my fur baby in July. When I first called, they were busy so I left a voicemail. Not even half an hour later, they returned my call. They gave a complete breakdown of the boarding services they... read more - 4/29/2019 

  • Bill R. AvatarBill R.

    5 star rating I come to Henderson frequently with my senior dog who loves to travel. I use Henderson Pet resort for both day stays and overnight stays. My dog is not friendly with all dogs so I need to have her separated from other dogs but want to make sure she gets... read more - 6/01/2021 

    Leena C. AvatarLeena C.

    4 star rating I took pet grooming services don't forget to ask for coloring for your dog and personal training for my pet coco . The trainer Nathan was very good and we made so much progress for two days . I didn't use the daycare but I see the dogs are happy... read more - 9/18/2020 

  • Nikki M. AvatarNikki M.

    5 star rating Henderson Pet Resort is great! I never have to worry when leaving my fur babies here. The moment they hear "day care" they go nuts! They love it! Presley and Graceland have stayed many times for overnight lodging and countless day care sessions. Every staff member that I have encountered... read more - 7/09/2020 

    Emily M. AvatarEmily M.

    Wow! This place is wonderful. We made a 3 night reservation for our Chihuahua Corgi mix. He LOVED it. We loved getting to see him play on their webcam. I added the grooming so he was nice and clean when we picked him up (so soft and he smelled so... read more - 12/03/2020 

  • Brooke R. AvatarBrooke R.

    5 star rating We utilize daycare and overnight boarding at HPR quite frequently. They are the absolute best at what they do! I can watch my girls on the camera if I'm missing them, and they've always come home happy and healthy! We used to board at the vet before HPR opened, and... read more - 6/03/2019 

    John B. AvatarJohn B.

    Henderson Pet Resort did another outstanding job on Zoe’s haircut this morning. We can always count on Henderson Pet Resort for their great work and professionalism.Thank youJohn - 10/03/2020 

  • Rhoda F. AvatarRhoda F.

    My furry baby LOVES Henderson Pet Resort! The staff know him by name and always welcomes him so warmly. When he was sick someone called to check in on him! Mike the groomer make Jax Teller looks so handsome. Jax loves to go to HPR and play with his “friends!”... read more - 3/03/2021 

    Joseph M. AvatarJoseph M.

    Great service fantastic staff worry free very professional highly trained staff members our 2 kids had a great time at Doggie Day Camp well taken care of everything thank you - 6/03/2020 

  • Carrie G. AvatarCarrie G.

    We just picked our cat up today and couldn’t be happier with the experience. Our cat is truly one of our kids and when we have to go on these long term trips I am always stressed out about his accommodations. Well not anymore! The staff are wonderful and I... read more - 2/03/2021 

    JP P. AvatarJP P.

    I moved this week and for my cat's safety was looking for a nice place to take care of her for a couple days. Henderson Pet Resort was seriously a blessing.
    Prep for the stay was really nicely handled via the website and a very thorough questionnaire. They contacted me shortly...
    read more - 4/17/2021