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Henderson Pet Resort is a 24-hour staffed, Five Star Luxury Pet Resort offering Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding, Dog Training, Grooming and Chauffeur in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada.

Dog Boarding

Henderson Pet Resort is not your average boarding kennel but a luxurious suite based pet resort designed to keep our guests happy, healthy and safe while being cared-for by a professional and loving staff. We offer spacious...


Grooming & Spa

But if your pet is having fun with us for the day or enjoying an extended vacation at Henderson Pet Resort, why not pick them up all clean and looking spiffy. Henderson Pet Resort’s Grooming and Spa provides your dog or cat quality care and...


Cat Boarding

We believe cats should feel as if they are the only ones at the Resort, and that is why we built private, individualized luxury cat suites, that keep smells and sounds of other guest away from your cat. Please feel free to bring your cat's favorite toys...



We are committed to helping you achieve a happy and well-behaved dog. We utilize positive reward-based training, which is proven to produce happy dogs that are willing to learn new behaviors. We know your schedule is busy so we hope to...


Dog Daycare

But with Henderson Pet Resort’s Dog Daycare service your dog can still burn energy while having a romping good time with their doggy buddies and with our professional pet care attendants, in our climate controlled play yards that are...



We will bring our pet guests to and from the Resort in a comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle. As with our facility, we also take pride in our transportation safety. Your furry loved one will be transported by a safety conscious...


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We understand that your pets are more than just pets, they’re family.

What They Say About Us

  • Emily R. Avatar

    5 star rating Amazing staff, top notch facility, great grooming, very safe transportation, administration of medications, and friendly owner.  Our Golden Retriever is our kid; we have no human children 🙂  This by far is one of the best pet resorts we have used throughout the US.  She runs to the staff every... read more

    Emily R. 8/02/2018
    Loie B. Avatar

    5 star rating When we were looking to move to Henderson we found a kennel for our dog before we found housing for ourselves.  After touring some of the other places in and around Henderson we knew that we would not be able to find a place nicer than HPR.  It is not... read more

    Loie B. 8/09/2018
  • Rue A. Avatar

    An excellent pet resort to board your dogs while you're away on vacation! Caring and knowledgeable staff, very clean facility and my dogs came home happy and stress-free. Highly recommend and will be using their services​ again!

    Rue A. 4/16/2017
    Kandy W. Avatar

    5 star rating My dog spent 2 days and one night there.   It was a great experience.  The place is clean.  The staff is helpful and knowledgeable.  I will definitely go here again.

    Kandy W. 8/11/2018
  • Karen H. Avatar

    5 star rating When boarding dogs it is imperative that the owner honestly evaluates what conditions your dog(s) require, and Henderson Pet Resort is the only facility I could find that met our unique - and yes, challenging - needs. The entire staff was very helpful and thorough answering my questions in both... read more

    Karen H. 9/11/2018
    Lee G. Avatar

    Great place, especially for log stays. They do a good job tailoring your pets stay to your needs.

    Lee G. 6/14/2018
  • A G. Avatar

    Such a great place. Friendly staff and super easy to make a reservation online. Will definitely be bringing sugar back.

    A G. 8/27/2018
    Pat F. Avatar

    So happy to have such a safe and caring environment for our sweet old girl. She’s never been left before and to see her eagerly wagging her tail at the door in the morning on her second visit was such a wonderful treat! We are so glad we found y’all!

    Pat F. 4/20/2018
  • Michelle V. Avatar

    5 star rating What can I say about this place. The staff was very friendly and very much you can tell that they love what they do for the dogs. We took our dog here after looking around for a nice and clean boarding and this was far the BEST!! I would take... read more

    Michelle V. 9/01/2018
    Carolyn M. Avatar

    I have a little 4.5 lb Toy Fox Terrier. Since Einstein is so small I was very apprehensive
    about putting him in doggy day care. Henderson Pet Resort put all my fears to rest. The staff keeps a watchful eye on the dogs at all times. I... read more

    Carolyn M. 4/22/2018
  • Chuck L. Avatar

    Very nice caring people

    Chuck L. 6/10/2018
    Megan N. Avatar

    I am very particular as to where I take my fur baby and this place has my heart. My beagle is shears so excited when we go to daycare and she tired when we come home. The facility is clean and the give the pets fresh, filtered, water. There are... read more

    Megan N. 3/01/2018
  • SteveN H. Avatar

    Had my dog stay for a few days while out of town recently. Anytime we called to check on him the staff would give us a detailed report on how he was doing. And they have web cams installed in the play areas so you can actually see your pet... read more

    SteveN H. 8/08/2018
    Pamela T. Avatar

    Skipper has been a guest several times and he loves it. Recently, when we picked him up after a two week stay, he seemed almost reluctant to leave. He kept looking back as we walked towards the door. So, the 5 stars are as much from him as it is... read more

    Pamela T. 6/25/2018
  • Kim S. Avatar

    5 star rating I love this place and so does my dog. I love that it's locally owned and not part of a big corporation. I feel like the people working there genuinely love and care about animals and enjoy their jobs. Whether it's daycare or an extended stay, I'm comfortable leaving our... read more

    Kim S. 6/20/2018
    Lauren C. Avatar

    5 star rating My pups loves Henderson pet resort! The employees are so friendly and welcoming. I've been taking my dogs here for boarding and day care for the past six months and absolutely love it. This place provides a perfect place for your pups to play and relax when you're gone.

    Lauren C. 4/30/2018
  • Sherah T. Avatar

    Best place ever!!! I would never allow anyone to watch my Penny BUT this place...they know not only her, but me as well every week we drop her off���... I highly recommend them 150% .

    Sherah T. 3/14/2017
    Julie R. Avatar

    5 star rating Henderson Pet Resort is absolutely wonderful!  Upon arrival for our first visit, we were greeted with warm smiles and everything was in order for our visit. Milton has visited many doggie day care but HPR is my new favorite! The attention to detail on every level is unsurpassed!  The staff... read more

    Julie R. 1/28/2018
  • Brennan L. Avatar

    5 star rating Henderson Pet Resort isn't the closest pet resort to our house, but we will never choose convenience over HPR's amazing service, facility, and staff, especially the owner, Leslea. After one extremely failed attempt with a dog sitter, we decided that our hyper, wild and crazy, but extremely lovable and adorable... read more

    Brennan L. 2/05/2018
    Cathy B. Avatar

    WOW..... I ran into this great place and am very impressed with the amenities they offer for our furry loved ones. The staff was so helpful and they place just glowed fresh and clean, they take very good care of things. I can't wait to bring my baby... read more

    Cathy B. 9/30/2016
  • JD F. Avatar

    We reviewed several places over several months before deciding to leave Lily Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix and Bunny Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix at Henderson Pet Resort. Lily and Bunny are a bounded pair and very shy and they were seen to without issue by the staff. The people who staff the pet... read more

    JD F. 10/24/2018
    Kasey W. Avatar

    5 star rating Love this place! They take great care of my pup! They give you report cards after your pup's visit letting you know how they behaved and pictures of them having fun.

    Kasey W. 9/14/2018
  • Carlye R. Avatar

    Henderson Pet Resort is the BEST doggie day care, boarding, grooming, all around place for pets! We were recommended by our trainers Lissette and Derek from Bark Busters and as we always are when we listen to them, we are happy as can be! The staff here is so kind,... read more

    Carlye R. 9/28/2017
    Rick B. Avatar

    Our pittie Zach has a great time spending the day. He's made a number of friends and we love watching him on the internet. All the dogs look like they're having so much fun.
    We trust the staff completely and are happy that rest periods are part of the... read more

    Rick B. 4/16/2018
  • Stacy S. Avatar

    The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job with the grooming, nails, and teeth. Molly stayed after her bath for doggie daycare and come home a happy girl. The only complaint is everything has an extra cost. To get teeth brushed an extra 5 dollars and... read more

    Stacy S. 6/18/2018
    Heather W. Avatar

    This place is so clean. It's an awesome pet resort. We take our dog Remington to play at doggie daycare and to board when we are traveling. He absolutely loves it. He gets to play with other dogs and the staff treats him so well. He also did puppy... read more

    Heather W. 9/28/2017
  • Robin H. Avatar

    I left my dog Gizmo for one week while I went on a cruise. When I returned, he was doing great. Very pleased with the Henderson Pet Resort!

    Robin H. 4/25/2018
    Laura A. Avatar

    This place is awesome. This is a relatively new doggie boarding/daycare business and they already have their stuff together. I have boarded my 3 doggies with HPR several times and every time my dogs have returned just as I left them. They are always clean and happy and they smell... read more

    Laura A. 5/14/2018
  • Ali S. Avatar

    5 star rating I find this place to be really great. I've been using it for about 8 months now. I visited and had my dogs try out a few other facilities in Vegas before choosing this one. The Henderson pet resort is much cleaner and nicer than the other facilities I looked... read more

    Ali S. 6/28/2018
    Matt B. Avatar

    5 star rating took my 2 dogs here for 2 nights. Great customer service.
    Highly recommend!

    Matt B. 6/16/2018
  • Marjaana M. Avatar

    Wonderful as always !!! Everyone is so kind and professional ! They really care about the pets and treat them well ! I love the webcam ! I love that I can always call to check on Zody and they are always so helpful !

    Marjaana M. 4/29/2018
    Trent N. Avatar

    Great group to take care of your pets. I recommend this place.

    Trent N. 2/14/2017
  • Jack B. Avatar

    My Roman is a trained Service Doggy for Mobility and Medical Alert, he is smarter than me and has outsmarted EVERY Dog Spa in Las Vegas, until we found out about Henderson Pet Resort, this place and their staff changed my life when we moved here they Love Roman and... read more

    Jack B. 8/10/2017
    Brian L. Avatar

    5 star rating My boy, Scout, is a whirling dervish of boundless energy. Takes a lot out of me during the week, and I needed a break on the weekend. I toured HPR, the and the facilities looked top notch. The staff was very accommodating. I set him up for a weekend, and... read more

    Brian L. 2/25/2018
  • Sean V. Avatar

    The Live Web-Cam feature is great! Thanks to all the Staff Members!

    Sean V. 6/20/2017
    Tom I. Avatar

    5 star rating You can't put a price on piece of mind. I love their website reservation and documentation system and how easy it is to communicate with them. You can tell from their work how passionate they are about what they do. It'll be really difficult to find a better doggy daycare service.

    Tom I. 1/27/2018
  • Lindsey L. Avatar

    Had my golden retriever groomed here & they did a fantastic job!! I’ve had her groomed at several other places but I’ve never seen her looking as good as she did when I picked her up. When I came across Henderson Pet Resort’s flyer at my vets office I thought... read more

    Lindsey L. 5/31/2018
    Jenny B. Avatar

    5 star rating Back for a second time to board Jingle and Henry.  This time they got groomed during their stay.  Both looked great and smelled terrific.  I would never take my fur babies anywhere else to stay when we go away.  Can't recommend HPR enough!

    Jenny B. 12/04/2017
  • Katie C. Avatar

    The only place I trust to take my doodle beaux! They give him great attention & love during daycare (1-2 times a week). Staff is super friendly, very clean & Amy, the trainer is the best! Beaux has had such an improvement in the way he interacts with other dogs... read more

    Katie C. 1/23/2017
    Ali S. Avatar

    I’ve been using Henderson Pet Resort for about 8 months since we moved back to Las Vegas. I love having such an awesome place to drop off our two aussies. You can watch them on the cameras and I always see them running around playing with the other dogs looking... read more

    Ali S. 4/22/2018
  • Chelsea S. Avatar

    4 star rating I will defiantly bring my cats here for future stays. The staff was friendly, they took us back to the cat area before we were boarding them and it was clean. The prices were on the higher end but you get what you pay for and I didn't mind paying... read more

    Chelsea S. 7/11/2018
    Jeri P. Avatar

    5 star rating I bring my two chihuahuas to Diana for grooming. Diana is the best groomer ever! Henderson Pet Resort is always clean and bright and the help is always friendly and knows my dogs when I bring them in.

    Jeri P. 7/06/2018
  • Doug P. Avatar

    Fantastic people and great facilities

    Doug P. 7/05/2018
    Dorothy F. Avatar

    Love them!

    Dorothy F. 5/28/2018
  • Peg B. Avatar

    We checked out several places over several months before deciding to leave our two Greyhounds at Henderson Pet Resort. We also had three people recommend the resort, including our veterinarian who leaves her own dog there. Our fur babies are getting old and have medication issues that... read more

    Peg B. 5/22/2018
    Monica C. Avatar

    I am so happy that I found Henderson Pet Resort. I have a very energetic 5 year old dog named Penny. Penny has been going to day care twice a week at Henderson Pet Resort 4 years and has been lodged there when I go on vacation. ... read more

    Monica C. 4/23/2018
  • Paul H. Avatar

    Our 5 month old Pomapoo name Blue spent a long weekend at Henderson Pet Resort and he seemed to really enjoy it. The facility is very clean and the staff is super helpful. We loved being able to see him live online playing in the playroom. We... read more

    Paul H. 1/30/2017
    Meryl R. Avatar

    Fabulous. My dogs love it. They are well-cared for and stimulated

    Meryl R. 4/22/2018
  • Bev P. Avatar

    5 star rating We have 4 family dogs and one thing is for sure, if there is something any of them do not like or fear, they tremble. We left our 2 senior minpins who are both diabetic and one partially blind in the care of the folks at Henderson Pet Resort for... read more

    Bev P. 8/15/2018
    Vickie P. Avatar

    Your bet will be taken care of and the staff cares about each pet that comes in. Excellent service, very clean, and a caring staff! My little dog loves to go there. We don't even have anyplace to go and bring him in for half days just to play!
    HPR... read more

    Vickie P. 4/21/2017
  • Julianne M. Avatar

    5 star rating I highly recommend HPR. I've already told all my friends about how i love this place.
    I know my dog is cared for and i can even watch him online just to check on how he is doing. And, The staff is wonderful, it was easy to set up the... read more

    Julianne M. 4/01/2018
    Sue R. Avatar

    Our Cooper started at 4 months after his full shots and has really enjoyed it, being around the other dogs had helped him learn about how soft to mouth, play with other dogs, pack orders and then we added Amy the trainer a couple days a week and he has... read more

    Sue R. 11/16/2016
  • Angie M. Avatar

    I would highly recommend Henderson Pet Resort. We have only used them for boarding and grooming, but each time we bring our dog in, I feel confident that he will be well cared for and loved while we are away. Each time we have brought him in, we have been... read more

    Angie M. 6/11/2018
    Kelly M. Avatar

    5 star rating This is the most amazing place. We have two dogs and I would never board them anywhere but henderson Pet Resort. The staff and the facility are amazing. If you want happy pets when you return and know that they are safe and well looked after this is the place.

    Kelly M. 8/21/2018
  • Tim S. Avatar

    Everyone at HPR is always so friendly & accommodating.
    The resort is well staffed with animal lovers that interact with all of their guests in multiple play areas.
    My dogs have a blast staying & playing there!
    They come home smelling fresh & clean after visiting with the groomers.
    With so... read more

    Tim S. 12/16/2016
    Jaime K. Avatar

    5 star rating We love Henderson Pet Resort. We send our golden retriever there for daycare. The staff always greets us by first name, are quick when dropping off or picking up our dog. I love the convenience of making reservations online and the daycare packages make like easy. We have been using... read more

    Jaime K. 6/29/2018
  • Kelly V. Avatar

    My 3 1/2 month old Shepherd had a blast and the staff is wonderful.

    Kelly V. 10/24/2016
    Caitlyn O. Avatar

    There are not enough stars to rate HPR. It's amazing! The entire staff gets to know not only the dog, but the owners as well. We use the daycare service. Our girl Ellie gets bored as her daddy works from home everyday. It is a nice change for her as... read more

    Caitlyn O. 12/30/2016
  • Dennis H. Avatar

    I have a 15 week old Doberman male who is out of control. This place keeps him busy all day and has him worn out by the time I pick him up. Staff is very friendly. Check in and out is very fast. Place is clean and they make sure... read more

    Dennis H. 4/16/2018
    Nicole S. Avatar

    4 star rating We left our pup here and when we got her back she was still nice and clean so that's always a good sign. It seems like the workers are well trained. I like that they have webcams but it would have been nice to get the text updates that they... read more

    Nicole S. 7/17/2018
  • Sharon H. Avatar

    My goldens were groomed and it was the best they have looked in a long time. They won’t be going anywhere else!

    Sharon H. 5/03/2018
    Marjaana K. Avatar

    5 star rating Thank you again Henderson Pet Resort for the wonderful care you provide our pup Zody during doggie day care. He always has a great time playing with his friends. Thank you for your kindness, patience and professionalism. Zody has been afraid of people and we're trying to alleviate his fear.... read more

    Marjaana K. 10/17/2018
  • Pam T. Avatar

    This is a first class resort! We wouldn't take Skipper anywhere else. He had a two week stay and when we were going out the door he kept looking back like he wanted to stay. That's a great recommendation from a guest!

    Pam T. 6/22/2018
    Tammy Avatar

    My pups love Amy. She does such a great job. A couple
    Of time someone else groomed them and I was not pleased. No reason to go into detail I just know either Amy will groom them or they won’t go
    Also their website hasn’t worked for grooming reservations. I... read more

    Tammy 7/21/2018
  • Ali W. Avatar

    When I relocated to Henderson I needed to find an amazing place for Mia to go to “puppy camp”.....she is an almost 4yo blue nose Pittie with lots of energy who doesn’t understand little dogs. HPR has accommodated her in many ways. She gets to play with her... read more

    Ali W. 5/03/2018
    Kandy W. Avatar

    2 days and one night stay for our doodle. We were really impressed by this place. It was clean, modern and the staff was amazing. I definitely recommend it.

    Kandy W. 8/06/2018
  • Laura A. Avatar

    5 star rating This place is awesome. I have boarded my 3 doggies with HPR several times and every time my dogs have returned just as I left them. They are always clean and happy and they smell good. Their sleeping beds are clean and smell good. I can tell they've been well... read more

    Laura A. 5/14/2018
    Diana G. Avatar

    My little guy Finn had his first day of daycare today and I am so pleased. We were greeted by such friendly people - even at 7am! The staff took the time to make sure he had a fun and positive experience. I was even able to check in on... read more

    Diana G. 9/05/2018
  • Nancy E. Avatar

    I love Henderson Pet Resort, my dog Finnley has an awesome time hanging out with his friends.

    Nancy E. 4/26/2018
    Jessica P. Avatar

    5 star rating Wow!!
    Awesome service, everyone was really nice and the options for pet care were fantastic. I loved getting the email update with pictures and notes about my pets!! If I lived in the area I would definitely make this my go-to pet care facility.

    Jessica P. 9/15/2018
  • Lisa C. Avatar

    Pro: 24 hour on site employees. On call vet. Pups seemed to enjoy their time. Very friendly staff. Really liked the report cards and how they did. Very clean environment.
    Cons: Very pricey. Their stay cost just as much as my hotel stay! Wish the pricing was more reasonable.

    Lisa C. 7/25/2018
    Sue R. Avatar

    5 star rating Our pup started at HPR about the time they opened and he was about 6 months old, they were my life savers getting through the puppy stage in a very safe and kind manner. The daycare is well supervised, it's a relief to drop your pup off and have no... read more

    Sue R. 10/16/2018
  • Nicole R. Avatar

    5 star rating I can't speak highly enough of HPR. This was my first experience boarding my dog and they took extremely great care of him. He unfortunately needed a vet visit while there and the staff handled that situation extremely well and made sure he was taken care of. The staff is... read more

    Nicole R. 4/04/2018
    Liz A. Avatar

    5 star rating We live between two states Vegas and LA --So when we are in Vegas this is where we bring our little Pasha we know we dont have to ever worry when she is in this beautiful clean place--The best grooming for her we have had in quite awhile and so... read more

    Liz A. 9/06/2018
  • Kim S. Avatar

    We love this place and more importantly our puppy loves it! I feel like the staff genuinely loves animals and that it’s not just a job for them. So happy we discovered HPR.

    Kim S. 1/10/2018
    Jane F. Avatar

    Great dog boarding. The best I have found anywhere in the valley. The staff are all so friendly and great with the dogs.

    Jane F. 5/13/2018
  • Katherine T. Avatar

    My babies were completely spoiled during their stay. When they got home, they were completely exhausted and happy.

    Katherine T. 7/21/2018
    SaraBeth C. Avatar

    Seriously obsessed! We have a new Jack Russell puppy and have been taking her here ever since we could. The doggie daycare gives her the socialization she needs, and Amy the trainer is great with puppy kindergarten and private lessons. Leslie takes her time and really guides my puppy as... read more

    SaraBeth C. 3/13/2018
  • Allison B. Avatar

    5 star rating I am so pleased and impressed with Henderson Pet Resort. I left my dog Pepper there for four nights and I'm so happy I chose this place. They kept her in her own room, she had four potty breaks and one hour of play time each day. She also needed... read more

    Allison B. 4/24/2018
    Viki S. Avatar

    My boys went there for the first time today.. They were exhausted when they got home! The staff there is awesome! The place is clean.. and I like that they can also get groomed there as well. Can't wait for them to go back!

    Viki S. 6/20/2017
  • Tracy B. Avatar

    The facility is super clean, the staff is fantastic. They truly care for my dog and he seems to enjoy going there for boarding. When he goes for grooming he always comes back smelling fantastic and super happy. I love the fact that their doggie rooms are separate and not... read more

    Tracy B. 7/28/2017
    Crystal S. Avatar

    5 star rating We took our puppers here after a previous groomer wanted to shave our Samoyed, (which is a big no no). Yes he was matted behind one ear and his belly area. And he had "grinch" feet, but he didn't need to be shaved everywhere!
    The groomer here worked with us... read more

    Crystal S. 7/01/2018
  • rhonda b. Avatar

    What a wonderful experience we had at the Henderson Pet Resort. Our regular groomer was renovating and we were not quite sure what to do. She recommended Diana and we were put at ease with our Gabe who has sensitive back issues. He came out beautifully groomed and with no... read more

    rhonda b. 4/22/2018
    Marcia C. Avatar

    So far I am impressed. I like the rooms with glass doors for dogs to see out yet quiet. I like the knowledgeable staff who evaluate your dog and know what is best They accommodate to make sure the dog is safe I want that... read more

    Marcia C. 7/25/2018
  • Rhonda K. Avatar

    This was both of my dogs first stay at a boarding facility and I was really nervous. I had to go out of town for a family emergency and I was already stressed so I was hoping Frankie and Maggie would have a good time, which would be one less... read more

    Rhonda K. 4/19/2018
    Diane H. Avatar

    5 star rating I took my pugs for the first time while on vacation. My dog had a medical problem that came up and I was notified they were taking him to the animal hospital. My pugs trachea was collapsing. I so much appreciated Leslie, the owner getting him quickly to the vet.... read more

    Diane H. 5/30/2018
  • Krista H. Avatar

    I was very happy with Henderson Pet Resort and the Staff. I have never boarded my dog anywhere before and didn't worry about him at all while I was gone. The facility is very clean and the staff is very friendly. The cost is definitely reasonable for the boarding options... read more

    Krista H. 10/31/2016
    Morgan B. Avatar

    5 star rating I love HPR! They take incredible care of my puppy whether it be for daycare or an extended boarding! They also do a chauffeur service that can be a life saver if you work extended hours! Every single person here is so kind and really treat your animals as if... read more

    Morgan B. 2/22/2018
  • jodi t. Avatar

    First time boarding my puppy (any dog for that matter) the staff was very friendly and welcoming. The place is very clean. They even sent me a few pics and a video of her playing! I felt my girl was safe and would be very well taken care... read more

    jodi t. 9/15/2018
    Chie I. Avatar

    5 star rating ALL the dog owners who live in or make trips to Henderson/Las Vegas area, you HAVE TO visit the Henderson Pet Resort. I was extremely impressed by their professionalism. I have been to many different day care/boarding facilities across the US, and the Henderson Pet Resort simply is THE BEST,... read more

    Chie I. 1/03/2018
  • Linda M. Avatar

    Amazing place! Personalized care for fur babies. I left my cats for 8 days and they were very well taken care of and relaxed when I picked them up!! Highly recommend to everyone.

    Linda M. 12/11/2016
    Alphonse C. Avatar

    5 star rating I've been coming here for grooming since Henderson Pet Resort first opened. Everyone is very helpful and pleasant.
    Henderson Pet Resort has amazing facilities but I've only brought my dogs here for grooming.
    Speaking of grooming...Diana makes my dog strut when he leaves their store because he feels and looks so... read more

    Alphonse C. 7/14/2018
  • Chesney D. Avatar

    5 star rating Einstein loves spending time at Henderson Pet Resort.  He comes home happy and content. The staff is always friendly and professional.  It's the only place I will take him!

    Chesney D. 6/25/2018
    Robin W. Avatar

    Excellent care. My 16 year old cat stayed for a week and came back happy. They showed me a way to get her to eat more. Thank you for caring. Robin & Hairball.

    Robin W. 3/22/2017
  • Y V. Avatar

    5 star rating Absolutely wonderful experience for both myself & my dog.  This was his first experience in daycare which went extremely well.  The little touches like daily pictures and report cards lets you know they care for your family member.  A scheduling conflict forced me into daycare but, I am thinking once... read more

    Y V. 11/02/2017
    Linda C. Avatar

    Family owned which is important to me. The resort is well kept and friendly. 24/7 on duty. Loved the environment and the dogs and cats seemed happy. I need a pet resort like this for Joey. 5 star

    Linda C. 2/13/2017
  • Melissa J. Avatar

    As someone who considers her dog her entire world Henderson Pet Resort is the only place I feel comfortable bringing my Atty. They take amazing care of her. It's her happy place. I don't know what I would do without this amazing staff! Thank you for taking care of our... read more

    Melissa J. 4/20/2018
    Rebeca P. Avatar

    Love love love Henderson pet resort! Our dog Jimbo is always well taken care of. They know exactly how to take care of each individual dog because they understand that each dog has a different personality! The fact that you can watch them on the webcams really helps ease the... read more

    Rebeca P. 7/03/2018
  • Ashley C. Avatar

    I love taking my boy to HPR! They love him so much and they are very educated in the field. Being able to watch him in the play room is my favorite part! They also give them specialized attention. If they need alone play time they have it! More rest... read more

    Ashley C. 6/20/2018
    Rochelle L. Avatar

    Love the Henderson Pet Resort. I would not leave my little precious dog with anyone else when I travel. I know she will be well taken care of and safe.

    Rochelle L. 5/18/2018

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Pet Care Counselor


Pet Care Counselor


Pet Care Counselor






Pet Care Counselor


Pet Care Counselor


Pet Care Counselor


Pet Care Counselor


Resort Manager




Pet Care Counselor


Pet Care Counselor


Pet Care Counselor



Emilee, CPACP

Certified Professional Animal Care Provider


Pet Care Counselor / Receptionist


Pet Care Counselor


Certified Trainer


Pet Care Counselor


Pet Care Counselor

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Servicing Henderson, Las Vegas, Boulder City and beyond


1450 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Ste 425, Henderson, NV 89012, United States


702.847.5858   Lobby/Phone Hours 6am-7pm, 24/7 Staff Onsite