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Henderson Pet Resort

Dog Boarding rooms at Henderson Pet Resort

Dog Boarding

When you are away overnight, treat your dog to a fun-filled dog boarding vacation at Henderson Pet Resort.

Henderson Pet Resort is not your average dog boarding kennel but a luxurious suite-based pet resort designed to keep our guests happy, healthy and safe while being cared for by a professional and loving staff. We offer spacious and comfortable overnight accommodations and a variety of activities to keep your dog active and engaged while you’re away.

Dogs sleeping

As a pet owner, you need a place to bring your pet that assures peace of mind for you and a fantastic experience for your furry friend. At Henderson, your dog will enjoy our luxurious, all suite resort designed for ultimate comfort and safety. Our highly-trained team of 24/7 pet care staff perform daily wellness checks and spend the day making sure your pup gets pampered and has a blast. Your pet will enjoy exploring our various play spaces, engaging activities, homemade treats, socialization with their fur friends and lots of cuddles with their favorite staff. It’s the vacation your pet deserves and the peace of mind every pet owner wants. Take a look at what we offer and see why we’re one of the most recommended pet resorts in Henderson. 

🐾 Presidential Suite: Huge private luxury lodging suite, 15 x 30, with custom beds, glass windows and doors, and a big flat-screen television with Dog TV.

🐾 Dream Suite: Very roomy private luxury lodging suite, 10x10, with custom-built beds, windows, glass french door, and a huge flat-screen television with Dog TV.

🐾 Standard Suite: Private 9x4 luxury lodging suite, with a custom bed, glass french door, and a flat-screen television with Dog TV.


From the moment you call us, we’ll take the time to learn everything we can about your four-legged family member so that we can help you customize a fun-filled dog boarding resort experience. You can choose from private or group playtimes, bedtime stories, individual pampering sessions, homemade gourmet treats, extra-large suite upgrades, and more!


Book online or by phone! To book online, login to our client portal. First-time clients will need to create an account. Please note that you will receive an email or phone call after an online reservation request is made. This will serve as your confirmation that Henderson Pet Resort has your reservation in our system. To make a reservation by phone, call (702) 847-5858.


We provide chauffeur service to and from your doorstep for the convenience of our busy pet parents. Whether your pet is staying for a while or just coming to play for the day, or having grooming services, let our team make it easy with our pet transportation service. Pricing varies based on distance, please call (702) 847-5858 for more information!

Boarding Requirements & Policies

🐾 VACCINATIONS: At least one week prior to your dog's arrival, we must have a formal vaccination recordfrom a licensed veterinarian indicating that your dog is up to date on Rabies, DAPP, Canine Influenza (H3N8 and H3N2), Bordetella and free of fleas/ticks/lice and parasites.

🐾 SPAY/NEUTER: Males dogs over 8 months of age must be neutered. We cannot accept female dogs in heat.

🐾 CHECK-IN: All pets must be checked in by 4 pm, but are welcome to come earlier to acclimate and have some fun on their first day! This really sets the tone and helps pets adjust.

🐾 CHECK-OUT: Pets can be picked up anytime during our business hours of 6 am-7 pm, 7 days a week. The last day fee will be prorated depending upon checkout time and activities.

🐾 FEEDING: Changing a pet’s food can cause stomach irritation and digestive issues, so we prefer to feed them the food they regularly eat. If you forget your food for meals – no worries! Our high-quality in-house food can be provided at the owner’s request.

🐾 PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Bring your pet’s food, treats and medication. We will provide the luxury beds, cozy bedding, bowls and toys.

🐾 RATES: Rates are subject to change at any time. Peak or seasonal rates may apply. We reserve the right to change the pet's departure day accommodation. Multi-pet discount applies to nightly boarding rate only