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Henderson Pet Resort

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About Us

Henderson Pet Resort specializes within the pet hospitality industry by offering only experiences of exceptional quality.

Henderson Pet Resort is recognized as the finest pet resort in Henderson. We create enduring value with superior design features and finishes and support them with deeply ethical and loving service. Our Resort’s suites are big, beautiful and comfortable. The Resort’s play yards are filled with fun and happy pets, all having a great time and burning lots of energy. Our staff adores dogs and cats and provides them with the love and care they are used to getting at home. All of our staff members are extensively trained by industry experts and of course, certified in pet CPR and first-aid. It is our goal to make pet care services as convenient for you and as comfortable for your pets as possible. We never leave our Resort unattended overnight.We don’t overcharge for medication administration or for an extra potty break in the middle of the night. We also offer discounts on Daycare Packages, along with multiple pet discounts. We are here to accommodate your hectic schedule and want to ensure a convenient and hassle-free pick-up and drop-off process for our pet guests, so we offer drop-off and pick-up anytime during our business hours. For those times that you just can’t get away, Henderson Pet Resort offers Chauffeur Service to bring your pet to the Resort or bring them home from the Resort after a fun-filled day.

What makes Henderson Pet Resort stand out?

State of the Art Features:

🐾 Hospital-grade air purification and disinfection systems.

🐾 Several individualized HVAC zones- for a high standard of air quality that brings in fresh air every few minutes, preventing anything from lingering in the air.

🐾 Over 8,500 square foot facility the exceeds all pet care standards.

🐾 Comprehensive security system and cameras throughout the facility.

🐾 Central disinfection and cleaning system that eliminates those nasty mops and buckets.

🐾 The best commercial-grade dishwashing and laundry systems that sanitize every load.

🐾 Entire facility is designed to minimize stress by engineering sound control and lighting systems with our pet guests in mind.

🐾 High performance beautiful resinous flooring that is non-skid and antimicrobial. (No concrete surfaces)

🐾 Spacious Play yards equipped with soft, antimicrobial K9Grass and playground equipment designed for dogs.

🐾 Televisions in each suite for the familiar sounds of a home environment.

🐾 Webcam access in play yards so that you can check in on your pet.

🐾 Luxurious, comfortable and custom-crafted beds, and fresh cozy bedding.

🐾 Pet care professionals that are certified and extensively trained to ensure the utmost comfort, safety, and happiness of our guests!

🐾 Staff always on-site 24/7.

🐾 Convenient personalized service

🐾 Online and mobile-friendly reservation system and secure client portal.

🐾 We stand behind our commitment to a happy, healthy, and safe environment. That’s why we now include our Henderson Pet Resort Health Care Commitment with every service we offer at our resorts. Learn More

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Our History

"Like many loving pet owners, I found myself facing a tough decision; finding a suitable boarding facility for my pets, while going away on a family vacation. I was in search of a place in my hometown of Henderson, where my fur babies could play and socialize in open, fun and safe spaces yet have the privacy of their own quarters that was plenty big to stretch and move around. Not to mention, I was seeking a place with top-notch service that was going to keep them healthy, happy and give them the loving care they are used to getting at home. Simply stated, I wanted them to feel like they were on a vacation too and I didn’t want to feel guilty about leaving them. Unfortunately, the kennels and boarding facilities I found didn’t quite fit the bill. I ended up settling on a place 45 minutes from home but I couldn’t shake that feeling of guilt. I thought of them, and their well-being, throughout my vacation. I knew that I wasn’t the only pet parent to feel this way.

Henderson Pet Resort Exterior

Within the year, I began building a plan for a superior pet care facility. Soon Henderson Pet Resort was born, and pet parents could finally feel comfortable and confident that their pets were going to go where they were treated well. In fact, that’s the motto, 'pets go where they’re treated well.' The facility is luxurious, state of the art, and built with the pet’s health and happiness as the priority. My team and I did extensive and intense research and did not compromise on the facility design. As a result, Henderson Pet Resort excels in best practice standards that are not often seen in town. The same is true of the staff I hire, only the best people, all trained and certified to meet Henderson Pet Resort’s high standard of professional pet care and safety, with a true love for the pets. Pet parents can actually look forward to dropping their pets off!"