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Henderson Pet Resort

puppy shaved grooming

Grooming & Spa

There is no need to be a guest at Henderson Pet Resort to receive excellent dog grooming and spa services.

When you come to Henderson Pet Resort for your dog grooming appointment you will be welcomed with a friendly smile. You and your pet will be treated like one of the family. Our professional grooming team will consult with you about your pet’s grooming needs and preferences. To get an appointment simply call (702) 847-5858.

We offer a full line of dog grooming services including:

  • Dog

  • Puppy

  • Cat (Currently only offering nail clipping and brushing)

🐾 Appointments, 7 days a week, including Sundays.

🐾 One-on-one consultation with your groomer.

🐾 State-of-the-art drying rooms that are safe and calming.

🐾 Prima Bathing Systems provide a soothing massage while rejuvenating the pet’s skin and getting them squeaky clean.

🐾 Premium products for all dog grooming so that your pet’s coat looks its best.

🐾 Safe and clean facilities.

🐾 Chauffeur Service available for pick up and/or drop off.

🐾 Daycare before or after salon, add-on service.

Not able to return when the grooming appointment is completed or need to drop off your pet before work or pick up after work? Why not let them stay for a fun day or schedule a chauffeur service?

Henderson Pet Resort provides pets with fun-filled experiences before or after your dog grooming is complete. If we have evaluated the dog for group play, pet parents are welcome to schedule a half-day or a full day of daycare to accompany the salon service. If the dog is new to Henderson Pet Resort, then we can conduct a daycare evaluation that day, or provide private, one-on-one playtimes with one of our trained counselors, doing whatever the dog likes to do best! This way, each dog who visits us is provided the best possible experiences in a safe, structured environment, while being cared for by our highly trained pet care team.

Types of dog grooming services offered:

Walk-in services:

🐾 Nail Clipping or Grinding

By Appointment:

🐾 Deluxe Bath and Tidy (Includes a deep cleaning bath, blueberry facial scrub, thorough brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, gland expression, sanitary clip, trim feet and face.)

🐾 Full-Service Grooming (Includes a deep cleaning bath, blueberry facial scrub, thorough brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, gland expression, and a full style and cut of your choosing.)

🐾 Express Bath/Checkout Bath (A popular bath service for dogs that are lodging or participating in daycare. Recommended only for short-haired breeds and includes a deep cleaning bath and towel dry)

🐾 Add-Ons: De-shedding

🐾 We are currently not offering Hair Coloring or Nail Painting. Please continue to visit our website for updates.