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10 Benefits of Being a Pet Parent

Dog holding red frisbee in mouth

Beyond that, pets are so much more than a friendly companion. Dog and cat lovers have indicated these 10 added benefits of being a “pet parent” (a phrase everyone prefers to “pet owner”) in a loving relationship. If pet parenting is too demanding or occasionally inconvenient, pet parents can turn to professional pet care facilities for advice, doggie day care, overnight stays, grooming, and training.

1. Dogs keep you active

Dogs can be the perfect motivators for a more active lifestyle. Sometimes it can be hard to get yourself outside and moving around, not to mention during pandemic times. Having a pet that needs to exercise is the perfect reason to get in those steps you’ve been avoiding.

2. Dogs help you become more social

As a pet parent, we can open a door for starting conversations with strangers. How many times have you stopped on the street or in the park to say hello to a dog that you’ve never met? Meeting new people can be difficult, but if you have a pet that you can bring into the outside world with you, there are endless opportunities to socialize. If you have just moved to a new city, take your dog around the block or to a neighboring dog park and spark up a conversation with a fellow pet owner, you never know what it could lead to.

3. Dogs and cats give the best cuddles

There are very few feelings better than getting cozy for an evening spent on the sofa with your pet. Humans and their pets both benefit from the physical touch that reinforces emotional well-being. So, togetherness is not only beneficial to you, but to your pet as well. Cuddles are a win-win.

4. Pets help us maintain a schedule

Being a pet parent means being responsible for another living being. They need to be fed, walked, cared for, and loved every day. If you struggle to maintain a schedule, having a pet can give you the responsibility to make and stick to one. While we ensure our pets are taken care of, we simultaneously create more structure to our day. Routine is made from making small tasks into habits, and your pet can help you create them.

5. Pets boost your mood and physical health

We’ve all heard of emotional support animals. Feeling stressed? Depressed? Anxious? Many studies have shown that having a dog or a cat at home can improve your physical and mental health. Further studies indicate that reducing physical ailments such as high blood pressure and risk of heart disease are significant benefits.

6. Pets teach children

Children who are exposed to pets in the home have the added benefit of learning and expressing care, empathy, and compassion at an early age. Simply by being there, pets can encourage responsibility in children and help make your child feel important, as well as providing a source of security, love, and friendship.

7. Pets provide companionship for seniors

You are never too old to get a dog and many say that pet parenting improves with age. Easy-to-handle breeds are an ideal choice for empty nesters who no longer have a busy household and for seniors who crave company.

8. A dog can be your adventure buddy

You’ll always have a friend to join you. If you have dreamed of solo adventuring, exploring, or road trips, a pet can be the ultimate companion. Doing things alone can be so much more fun with a pet by your side. you’ll always have a friend to join you.

9. Pets banish boredom

Boredom is something everyone is coping with during extended periods of lockdown and quarantine, but pets can provide endless hours of entertainment for those days stuck inside. Watching a pet try to maneuver the physical world around them can be a great source of laughter and joy.

10. Pets provide us with a sense of security

Whether you are home alone or traveling cross country, having a pet around can make us feel safer in our surroundings. Even if your pet is the kind of animal that would greet an intruder with affection, having a dog with you can allow an added level of comfort.