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Henderson Pet Resort

Just For Fun: Pet Toys for Cats and Dogs

Dog eating toy

But between visits, perhaps you’d like to have some favorite pet products to use at home? Cats and dogs each have their preferences in the toy department, of course. There’s no need to break the bank, though. 

Cats Love to Play 

How long is your cat’s attention span? If it’s notably short, as with most cats, you’ll want to have more than one cat toy. While a cat may have one or two best playthings, felines are particularly fond of anything new. That includes paper bags, cardboard boxes, strings, and gift paper. However, like any parent, you’ll be tempted by attractively packaged items lining the shelves of the pet store or on display at online shopping sites. Related: Cats and Cardboard Boxes Related: Cats and Catnip Cat toys are generally divided into categories such as wands with teasers, balls, scratchers, and plush fuzzy mice. For $10 dollars or less, you’ll find telescopic wands with feathers, bell balls, and robotic mice. Battery-operated laser pointers are fun (for pet parents, too) and interactive, setting cats off to chase a tiny red dot that can be beamed up and down the walls and across the floor for a good workout. Catnip is in a category all of its own, although pet parents can find catnip inside some plush toys as well. Cat tunnels are meant for hiding out, tiered cat houses are meant for looking out, and some problem-solving cat toys are designed for mental stimulation. 

Dogs Love to Play

When you’re in the park or at the beach, nothing beats a stick, a frisbee, or a ball. Have play things on hand for at-home indoor sessions as well. Small plush toys of various sizes and descriptions are a popular choice. The classic toy for dogs is called a kong, which comes in different sizes, colors and toughness, designed for light chewers, average chewers, or dogs who need a more durable chewing toy. The objective is to save your slippers from utter destruction. Colorful, squeaking rubber bones and tennis balls and knotted ropes come in all sizes for all kinds of dogs. They’re not only good for play, but also for teething puppies and some are meant to promote healthy teeth and gums.